Be the Person You Need to Be.


Hello blog-ees!

It’s been a while, eh? So much for weekly Thursday posts..but I can’t help it! Life (and by life, I really mean school) gets in the way and I struggle to write when I’m terribly sleep deprived and uninspired. Maybe a more realistic goal for me is to just write something, anything, on a weekly basis. Whether it be a couple sentences long or simply a minute thought, I’ll try to find myself some inspiration on Saturday mornings and do a quick writing blerb.

Anyway, instead of doing my 7 page paper that’s due tomorrow morning at 11am and studying for a 10am test, I’ve been cleaning/organizing my desktop and I stumble across a post I bookmarked ages ago. Here’s the complete link:

I guess I was looking for some motivation to start doing work so I decided to give it read and here we are now, 3 hours later..What stood out to me the most was this following passage about finding your authentic self and what type of person we should all strive to be:

“Forgive your childhood, your teenage years, and your early adulthood, so they don’t get in the way of experiencing your life now. Confidence, true confidence, will come not from “faking it till you make it,” but from confronting your insecurities head-on; having lots of conversations with yourself about them.

Try to visit as many places and converse with as many people, as time and money will allow you. It will make you a more compassionate person, and it will make you realize both how big and how small the world is. But don’t be one of those people whose identity is wrapped up in being a “traveler.” Always be multidimensional. You are so much more than what you can afford to do.

Make people feel welcome; make them feel like they matter. The world can be a cruel place for a lot of people who suffer in silence as they pass you. A smile and a kind word can be all the goodness you need to put into the world on some days.

Remember that when it’s all said and done, no matter how materially successful you are or aren’t, that the “stuff” of life does not make up for who you are, and how you treat people. That ultimately, “how well you’re doing,” is not about titles or bank accounts or the image of your life you project to the world. It’s about what you’re giving to the world and to those around you. And indeed, strive to be a more of a giver than a taker.

[…] Time is one of the most valuable things. But it goes quickly. Don’t waste it. Don’t put things off till “you’re ready.” You’ll never be ready to try out a new career path or move to a new city or tell someone you love them. Tomorrow may be too late – and that will be one of the most cruel life lessons you can experience – being too late. So forget about being ready, and go after whatever it is, today.

[…] Whether it’s career or friendships or love: Don’t be attached to the outcome of things; don’t be attached to a particular outcome of things. The process, is where life really happens, I think. And sometimes the ending that you want when you go after whatever it is you want, is not the ending that you need.”

All of it. I think the writer of this post is brilliant and I agree with all of it. I know this is a bit of a cop-out to be re-blogging content that already been posted about, but I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

At the end of my life time, it won’t matter what grade I get on this paper I’m procrastinating to write, or what age we graduate college at. It won’t matter that I listened to Justin Bieber or that I browse Tinder from time to time. What will matter is whether or not I have lived truthfully and for myself. And this is something I’m personally struggling with (but more on that later), but have finally begun to accept the person that I am/am becoming.

No longer shall I deny compliments, no longer shall I dim the fiery light that I hold. From this day forward, I pledge to live unequivocally my true self –and right now, that’s a compassionate, dorky artist with a roaming, hippie soul and a sassy edge. Be multidimensional. Be the person you need to be.

Go forth and shine bright, my fellow Golden Ponies.


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